Success for Conference Expo at International Confex

We exhibited at International Confex with our unique conference stand package. We also were pleased to provide expo stands for the AIM pavilion.

Speaking at Confex, James Rook, MD of Nimlok Ltd explained more about what we do: “Conference Expo is a proposition for event organisers, specifically those organising conferences with a break out exhibition. Traditionally organisers have been faced with the prospect that if they want exhibiting sponsors they either have to have them drag along their own portable displays, or give them shell scheme spaces.“

“A few years ago we came up with an alternative, Conference Expo. We felt it was a much smarter looking solution, so it would enhance the look of the event. We felt it was a way of adding value to the event so that the organisers could make more money and for their sponsors it was all about the ease and convenience.  So it was turn up and go exhibiting. They don’t have to bring their own displays, they don’t have to dress their shell scheme, it’s basically a prescribed stand package that we think is good for both organiser and exhibiting sponsor.”

James continues to discuss why we were exhibiting at Confex: “For us, Confex is all about meeting event organisers and event organising agencies and trying to find the right events where we think this could add value.

“We’ve engaged with the right people today [at Confex], lots of follow up appointments have been booked and proposals are lined up, so we’re excited about it.”

As well as exhibiting at Confex, we also provided AIM with their pavilion. James explains, “The AIM pavilion opposite has taken the Conference Expo stands and used it create a pavilion for their partners and sponsors. All of these guys were able to turn up this morning and not have to come along and build their own displays.”

Speaking to us later about their conference stand package, Jenny Sheehan Communications Executive for MIA told us that “The pavilion looked professional and inviting and its configuration enabled informal and open networking.”

We’ve got big plans at Conference Expo. James tells us more, “We’re starting to think about what’s next. We’ve added reception counters and we’re adding other event branding features to the offering. We really want to be a one-stop-shop for organisers of these conferences with a break out exhibition. We want to tick all their boxes in terms of the other things they need. Predominantly focused around display, because that’s our expertise, but I think there will be other service offerings that are complementary to this to follow suit.”