Quiet optimism says Eventia

Here at Conference Expo we’ve been mulling over the statistics released from Eventia’s UK Events Market Trends Survey research.

Its headline finding that there’s quiet optimism among venue managers of an improving business climate (53% expecting business in 2013 to be better than the previous year and only 12% projecting a downturn), reflects the views from our clients.

The survey, which has been undertaken since 1993, also showed that one in four venues are planning capital investment projects worth upwards of £100,000 in 2013. Hopefully that investment will further boost the estimated 85.5 million delegate attendances at events in 2012.

More than 224 venues were sampled as part of the wide report, which can be ordered in full.

Other key findings from the latest research include:

  • There was an average of 373 events per venue in 2012, on a par with 2011 (an average of 369 events per venue). Conference and training centres (average of 528 events), academic venues (438 events) and hotels (416 events) typically hosted more events than other types of venue. In terms of market share, hotels staged 59 per cent of all business events.
  • Almost two-thirds (61 per cent) of events lasted between four hours and a day and a quarter (25 per cent) lasted two days. The overall average duration was 1.6 days, identical to 2011.
  • Intermediary agencies strengthened their involvement in event management: approximately one third (35 per cent) of events were organised by a professional conference organiser (PCO) or event management agency, higher than the figure of 30 per cent for 2011.
  • There was a consistent view from venues that lead times for bookings had got shorter.

All of which must be welcome signs for the industry, and for bodies such as Britain for Events. Its campaign to grow, promote and process events in Britain seems to be gathering a pace with an official launch and parliamentary inquiry due this summer.

It’s an industry we’re proud to support.