Antidote to shell schemes

We hate shell schemes at Conference Expo. So much that we took a tank to one to demolish it!

We certainly have the antidote to shell scheme with our revolutionary Conference Expo package which rids the world of the boring and mundane and provides a much needed breath of fresh air to display stands.

Here’s our video which shows exactly what we think!

Here’s what happens in the video:

The rolling countryside comes into view as James Rook delivers his breaking news report, “Good morning viewers, I’m James founder of Conference Expo here in the barren wastelands of shell scheme country witnessing a protest today by the OAS. That’s ‘The Organisers against Shell Scheme. The angry mob over there appears a little upset over the boring options available for their event.”

The film cuts away to an angry mob of protesters with placards that say ‘Don’t Do Dull!’, ‘Shell Scheme Sucks’, and ‘Think outside the boring box’. They are chanting “Down with the shell scheme, down with the shell scheme, support OAS”.

James continues “Well I can sympathise.”

“In fact we at Conference Expo would go a stage further. We hate shell scheme. How much do we hate it? I’ll show you – Roll Conference Expo, ROLL!”

From this midst of the mud rolls in a heavy duty Army tank… the Conference Expo tank.

Oblivious to this impending doom, stand two bored exhibitors in their ‘1 Dull exhibitor’ shell scheme who are tapping away on their phones. That is, until they see the tank and run for their lives!

The Conference Expo tank rolls over the shell scheme, obliterating it, and continues away on its journey, proudly waving its Conference Expo flags as it disappears into the surrounding countryside on its mission to find and destroy more shell schemes.

Back to James, now sporting an Army Helmet. “So, if you’ve got a shell scheme problem, and no one else can help you, and you can find them, maybe you can hire a Conference Expo kit.”

The film then cuts to our antidote to shell schemes, our Conference Expo stands.

Please be warned that the Conference Expo tank is still on the loose and on the lookout for more shell schemes to destroy. In order to overt this potential catastrophe; please CONTACT US NOW to discuss Conference Expo for your next conference. It could save your life!