Proud To Be Carbon Neutral

Carbon Neutral Gold Standard

In an industry that has not been traditionally environmentally friendly, Conference Expo has always tried to break the mould. Our business model ensures that stands are reusable, and waste is kept to a minimum. We also use 95% recycled materials in our production.

But that’s not enough for us, in January 2019 we will begin a carbon offsetting scheme, enabling us to be carbon neutral.  Working with WWF and Gold Standard, Conference Expo from Nimlok are sponsoring accredited schemes with a dual mandate of reducing carbon emissions whilst fostering sustainable development.

It’s not just about planting trees. Our two chosen projects: the Darfur Low-Smoke stoves and Safe Water Access in Rwanda, also tackle poverty, gender equality and provide affordable clean energy.

Darfur Low-Smoke Stoves​

The project provides families in North Darfur with microfinance for energy efficient and clean burning LPG stoves to replace their traditional wood or charcoal ones. These help to reduce the level of indoor smoke and air pollution for the families.

Project impacts:

  • Substantial reduction in greenhouse gasses as each stove avoids 4 tonnes of CO2 per year.
  • 93% of women have more time to work which generate additional income for their families.
  • Slowing the rate of deforestation by replacing biomass with LPG.
  • Empowering women and reducing gender inequality by training women entrepreneurs to deliver the stoves through microfinance schemes.
  • Alleviating poverty by enabling energy savings.

Rwanda Safe Water Access​

This project ensures that a safe and reliable supply of water is available in Rwanda by identifying and rehabilitating broken-down boreholes alongside water sanitation and hygiene training.

Project impacts:

  • Less time and effort spent collecting wood to boil and sanitise water.
  • Reduced incidence of waterborne diseases.
  • Reduced expenditure on wood fuel, leaving money free for other household expenses.
  • Reduced pressed on local wildlife and ecosystems due to reduced deforestations.

Continued Commitment​

We will continue to make reducing our environmental impact a priority and will keep you updated on our progress.