3 tips to increase networking at your conference

Networking is a hot topic for event organisers, as people strive to deliver an engaging conference but still deliver a great ROI. Here’s how you can leave delegates, sponsors and exhibitors skipping from your conference with a smile on their face through a positive experience:

Online networking

As more businesses invest in social media and digital marketing strategies, it’s becoming increasingly frustrating for delegates to attend conferences that don’t provide free WiFi. If your conference strategy involves any form of online engagement, whether it’s developing a conference App, or asking people to tweet from the conference using a hashtag, then it’s best practice to offer free WiFi. Asking for this engagement without providing this service is guaranteed to annoy your delegates and decrease your engagement.

If this is cost-limiting factor, then consider adding WiFi as a sponsorship option for your next event!

Peer networking

Add regular refreshment breaks to your conference to allow for peer networking.

You could also consider using creative ideas, such as icebreakers or structured networking sessions to boost the amount of networking while having a bit of fun along the way. This will leave your delegates with a few business cards in their pocket, but also a positive feeling from enjoying the conference and your organisation skills!

Exhibitor networking

A happy sponsor is likely to come back again, so let’s give them a reason to be ecstatic!

Allowing sufficient time for networking and exploring the exhibition stands will allow them the opportunity to reach their own goals from your conference. The more successful they are at your conference, the more likely they will come back for your next event, so give them ample time for this.

If you have exhibiting sponsors at your event, choose our award winning innovative conference exhibitors stand package, Conference Expo. This not only maximises the use of space with its uniform and professional layout but it also eliminates organisational stress.  You and your exhibitors can simply ‘turn up and go’ and then walk away post event.

Having a stand pre-prepared, makes for a great start to a conference, with no stress, leaving a happier sponsor who will want to choose to exhibit at your conference again.

Conference Expo can also provide additional revenue streams for conference organisers, through more stand sales, more customised sponsorship tiers and bolt-on accessories. Read more about the benefits of our stand package here, or give us a call on 0800 02087580 to talk to us about your conference stand requirements.