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Prescribed exhibition stand packages for 5-75 exhibiting sponsors

Conference Expo is a prescribed stand package for organisers of conferences or events with 5-75 exhibiting sponsors. It’s ideal for conferences and events that have a mini exhibition format or exhibiting sponsorship tiers.

Conference Expo offers far reaching benefits for conference organisers. It’s uniform and professional, maximises use of space, eliminates organisational stress and can provide an additional revenue stream.

There are huge benefits for your exhibiting sponsors. It delivers strong brand presence with tailored messaging and provides a hassle free alternative to bringing their own displays – they can just turn up-and-go and then simply walk away post event!

Operational and logistical costs are reduced, if not eliminated for both parties, meaning additional resource can be deployed in other more important areas.

Although we call this a ‘prescribed’ solution or if you prefer pre-designed, it doesn’t mean it’s rigid. Whatever the size of your event, we have various configurations to suit all sponsorship tiers.

There is flexibility for exhibiting sponsors too. They can personalise their stand with a unique graphic and choice of optional bolt-on accessories.

We also offer a variety of additional solutions for branding your venue including signage, graphics and registration counters which can be combined with the Conference Expo stand package to deliver a holistic look and feel to your event.